Otoe County Fair
1st Plum – Syracuse, NE
July 25-28, 2024

Otoe County Fair Building On Decades of Traditions

Individuals from the County Who Are Dedicated to the Youth of Otoe County

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Summer Fun for The Whole Family!

The purpose of the Otoe County Ag Society is to educate the general public, and to encourage the improvement of all things relating to the interest of agriculture. The Society provides supplementary information to the programs of the Institute of Agriculture, the Natural Resources of the University of Nebraska and other states with a County Fair.     

Mark Your Calendars

July 25, 2024 – July 28, 2024 


We are affiliated with a number of different organizations and companies that make it easier for us to serve the community.

Contact Information

Otoe County Agricultural Society 

P.O. Box 385 Syracuse, NE 68446 

Michael Rudolph President
Dunbar, NE
Duane Windhorst Treasurer
Syracuse, NE
Austin Jensen, Director
Otoe, NE

Brandon Essink Vice President
Syracuse, NE
Curt Stukenholtz Director
Nebraska City, NE
Ted Schreiter Director
Dunbar, NE

Dr. Jim Stuart Secretary
Nebraska City, NE
Randy Peterson Director
Nebraska City, NE
Darin Beach Director
Syracuse, NE

Otoe County Agricultural Society
PO Box 385
Syracuse, NE 68446